Sypwai and Oracle in cooperation

U.S. corporation Oracle begins cooperation with British startup Sypwai

This news is reported by sources close to the circle of Oracle founders. Sypwai confirms the rumors. The purpose of the cooperation between the two innovators in the field of technology was the creation of software based on artificial intelligence. Oracle wants to expand its product range, and Sypwai has all the necessary components for this.

The company's website reports that it has invested about four billion dollars in the development of neural network software. Investors in both companies are eagerly awaiting the result of the work and assure that a new technological era is coming.

"Sypwai worked their product thoroughly, there's literally nothing to complain about. We expect the same results from our cooperation and are confident that in the near future we will be able to present to the world a new word in the field of computer engineering," share their impressions of cooperation with Sypwai Oracle PR director Evelina Farm.